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Monthly Soundscapes: February 2021

February brought both hope and despair for live music, but a steady stream of releases kept pouring. We bring you a review compilation containing some of the highlights that marked the second month of 2021.

Heaven Torn Low: A conversation with Aerial Ruin

We spoke with Erik Moggridge about his musical upbringing and the Stygian Bough collaboration with Bell Witch, as well as his upcoming Aerial Ruin records and the forthcoming European tour with Wolves In The Throne Room.

Inside The Dream: A conversation with Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna

We spoke with Johannes Persson, the unmistakable frontman of Cult of Luna, about the creative and recording process behind both A Dawn to Fear and The Raging River, the founding of the band's own record label, Red Creek, and their return to Amplifest later this year as part of their upcoming European tour with Caspian and Holy Fawn.