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Ragnarök Festival unveils first names for 2019 including Borknagar, Dornenreich and Eïs

After having celebrated its 15th Anniversary this year and still a year away from its next edition, Ragnarök Festival has started to lift the veil on its line-up for 2019 and it’s looking great. Arguably the biggest name of this first lot of bands, Borknagar are a band that has always aimed to push the boundaries of the so-called “traditional” black metal. Whether it be through the use of melodic and synthesized soundscapes or the lyrical compositions revolving around nature, science and mythology, the Norwegian have always had a certain allure about them and that has always translated well into their records. And with a new one on the horizon, it will be nice to see and hear what new sounds the band has to offer. 

The other side of the announcement is no less important, however. The Austrian neofolk group Dornenreich will be performing a special set with Eklatanz, the mentor of Heretoir, and the German spiritual black metallers Eïs will play their record Galeere in its entirety, as well as a separate Best Of set, as part of a 10 Year Anniversary Show. NothgardHarakiri For The SkyMidvinterblot and Atlas Pain will also make their presence felt throughout the festival, with more names to be confirmed soon.

Ragnarök Festival 2019 takes place at Stadthalle, in Lichtenfels, on April 26th-27th. Ticket information will be made available soon.

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