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Next month: HEADZ UP FEST 2018 with Electric Moon, Naxatras, Sonic Wolves and more

Next month, Berlin will be the center stage for all things psychedelic, as the mothership known as Headz Up Fest will descend upon the Cassiopeia Bar and Zukunft am Ostkreuz to bring you a three-day long daze trip. Taking off on October 11th, the festival will have a warm-up party on that very day with the Greek psychedelic prog improvisers Naxatras and the Austrian desert stoners Timestone before going into full daze mode on the 12th and 13th. On these two days the festival will feature performances by the incredible improvisational trio Electric Moon and the dangerous soundscape makers Sonic Wolves, a project featuring Vita of Ufomammut and “Doomqueen” Kayt Vigil, as well as FarflungThe Re-StonedKalamataVodunChicos de NazcaSavanahMoon CovenDomadoraPlainrideDead QuietLee van CleefHuminoitaRed Lama and Cosmic Fall. We urge you to not miss these festivities.

Headz Up Fest 2018 will take place at Cassiopeia Bar (October 11th) and Zukunft am Ostkreuz (October 12th and 13th), in Berlin, on October 11-13th. Limited three-day tickets are available for 44,60 euros and two-day tickets (October 12th and 13th) are available for 38 euros. Daily tickets are available for 15 euros (October 11th) and 25 euros (October 12th or 13th). All of these can be purchased online via KOKA36.

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