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Next week: Yob and Wiegedood set to demolish Porto

We are getting close to one of the most anticipated dates of the year. The return to Portugal by two of the heaviest bands out there today happens next week, more precisely on October 27th and the stage is none other than the Hard Club, in Porto. A saturday, no less. But what bands are we talking about? Yob and Wiegedood, of course. The first are the standard-bearers of today’s doom and have recently released a beast of an album, Our Raw Heart, which came to be after some troubling times affected the band’s vocalist, Mike Scheidt. Mike refused to give up and through sheer will and perseverance, he rose like a phoenix, and with him, so did Yob. Now they are bigger, stronger and heavier than ever and Our Raw Heart is living proof of that sentiment. And just like their new record, we expect nothing less than pure devastation live, as the band delivers crushing blows in the form of shrilling and doom-filled guitar riffs, unyielding bass lines and drum patterns and, of course, Mike’s soothing yet harsh vocals. It will be a sight to behold.

The latter are none other than Wiegedood, a band founded by members of bands such as Amenra and Oathbreaker – both part of the Church of Ra collective -, who got together to explore the vast world of black metal and deliver a different take on the genre. Their new record, De doden hebben het goed III, demonstrates the band’s willingness to push the boundaries of sound and composition and delves deep into the concepts of fatalism, nihilism and death, resulting in a monolithic album that has to be listened to be fully experienced. On stage, they are a punishing force of dark energy and we can’t wait to hear how well their new material sounds live.

Such an incredibly well put together night of heavy music is, of course, already sold out. If you did grab yourself a ticket while they were available, prepare yourself, it’s going to be one hell of a show. If you didn’t, do not worry: we’re sure both bands will be back soon after this.



Photo credit: Foto Phortress

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