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After their passage through SonicBlast Moledo back in 2017, it was time for Elder to visit Hard Club, in Porto, for their first ever solo performance in Portugal.

Opening the night were Vircator, a post-rock band from Viana do Castelo that made a brief stop from recording their follow-up to 2017’s Sar-I-Sang to play some of their past and present material. With Renato Correia performing guest vocals, Vircator gave a show that was both dynamic and well-paced. Images of nature and ritualistic depictions from the band’s latest videoclip “Lady Fern”  were being projected on the background  and accompanied us through this very pleasing beginning of the night.

With the change of the stage arrangement came a change in the atmosphere as well. It was amidst a build up of  anticipation and excitement that Elder entered and shared their music. Between these waves of arabesque guitar riffs and resilient drums, the night unfolded with sounds that drifted between prog rock, stoner and heavy psychedelic. The repertoire included songs from the well acclaimed Reflections of a Floating World, as well as Dead Roots Stirring and Lore. For the merriment of the audience there was also time for a special guest play with Elder. Dr. Space brought some improvisation and some great appreciation from the audience, as after he played and being acclaimed, he came back to close the show with the band.

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Words and photos by Marta Rebelo

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