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Smash Your Privilege Festival reveals the complete lineup of its first edition

There is a new festival in town and its name is Smash Your Privilege Festival. Burrowing deep in the Belgium underground scene, this new festival is dead set on shattering all sorts of preconceptions and social privileges, all the while delivering high doses of fast paced and provocative grindcore. For its first edition, the festival will welcome acts from all over the world, each of them as diverse in sound as they are in their approach to music, but all of them with one thing in common: female power. Whether it’s a frontwoman, a bassist or a guitarist, diversity is key to all of these bands, but not their main goal, as they are here to destroy the biased and toxic mindset of today’s society via intense and direct messages of nonconformism, revolt, feminism, equality and animal rights. But what are these acts, you ask? Well, let’s find out.

Coming all the way from Canada for an exclusive headline show, Fuck The Facts are a quintet that crosses the intensity and politically-driven grindcore with the grudging aspects of noise. Bordering on experimental at times, the band had been steadily spitting outward release after release, from splits with Leng Tch’e, Subcut, Jan AG and Iron Bitchface, among others, to EPs and LPs of increasing quality. Their latest record to date, Desire Will Rot, was released in 2015 and is as vicious as their previous works, so expect nothing more than pure devastation when they set foot onstage. Also hard set on destroying the stage and everything else on their path are the Spanish Convulsions, a relatively new band that will surely appeal to fans of the grindiest of the grindcore. Also confirmed, and by no means less important, are the Israeli Moom, who mix powerviolence with sludge, and the French powerviolence maniacs Derisoire, as well as the Dutch Disuse and Gewoon Fucking Raggen, the Swiss Anachronism, the Czech Controlled Existence and Belgium’s own – with blood from Mexico and France as well -, Violent Encounter. A crazy good lineup and one that you will not want to miss out, for sure.

Smash Your Privilege Festival 2019 takes place at The Other Side, in Peer, Belgium, on September 28th. Information regarding tickets will be revealed soon.

Photo credit: Dave Levitt

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