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Primordial and Blood Red Throne among the newest additions to Damnation Festival 2019

After an impressive first announcement, which included names such as Opeth, Lord Dying, Jo Quail and Imperial Triumphant, the best indoor metal festival in the UK is now back with four more names for its 2019 edition. That’s right, you can now welcome the Irish heathen metal masters Primordial (on the photo above) and the Norwegian extreme metallers Blood Red Throne, as well as UK’s most promising death metal band Venom Prison and their fellow countrymen in Voices, a supergroup formed by current and former members of Akercocke and My Dying Bride.

On this announcement, Primordial’s A.A. Nemtheanga comments: “It’s with great pleasure we announce our taking part in Damnation. This will be an exclusive UK show and we will pull out a few curious volumes off the shelves and dust them down”. Kerrang! cover stars Venom Prison added: “Our 2017 tour of Animus and our performance at Damnation Festival was a definite highlight in the life of Venom Prison to date. This year will see us return to Damnation and bring Samsara to one of the best indoor festivals in the world. The grind is real”.

On their Damnation debut, Blood Red Throne said:  “We can’t wait to return to UK, and this time with a new album, Fit To Kill, to shove in your ears. We will perform a good mix of old and new tunes, and of course deliver the same mayhem performance as always! Blood Red Throne brings Damnation to Leeds!”. Lastly, Voices comment on their return to Damnation: “Voices return to our northern shrine, our most adored festival. Taking us out of the depths of south east London, Damnation promises to be a special day of the most challenging and incredibly moving music and Voices are honoured to join the proceedings. Perhaps we shall premier some new material for the first time at Damnation 2019”. Around a quarter of the festival tickets have been sold already and there are still 14 bands left to be announced – including three headliners -, so grab your tickets now before they are gone. And as always, keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.

Damnation Festival 2019 takes place in Leeds University, on November 2nd. Tickets are available for 49 pounds and can be purchased online, here.

Photo credit: Gareth Averill

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