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Amplifest is back!

We dreamed of it ever since Neurosis hit the last chords on that faithful night back in 2016. What started has an eclectic event quickly transformed into a mandatory stop for any proud audiophile and music lover. During its six editions – from 2011 to 2016 -, Amplifest brought to Porto incredible bands and artists such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Swans, Godflesh, Chelsea Wolfe, Cult of Luna, Stephen O’Malley and William Basinski, among so many others, all expertly positioned across lineups that make our mouths water to this day. Its last edition was an epic finale that no one really knew was going to be the end. The aforementioned Neurosis, Anna von Hausswolff, Kayo Dot, Altarage, Minsk, Mono, Oathbreaker, Prurient or Sinistro, there were enough reasons for anyone to attend and, surely enough, everyone did as that last edition was sold out and a complete success.

But then came the bad news. While Amplificasom – the promoters behind this great festival – did say that Amplifest wasn’t dead, it wouldn’t be held in 2017 either. We were heartbroken. We understood the reasoning behind it and with a promise made that we would all return to the place we love so much in the following year, we held on to hope. But 2018 came by and still no return, still no Amplifest. We started thinking that maybe it was for the better that it would never return. After all, ending on such a high note and with the realization of a six year-long dream, it’s not easy to plan what comes next.

But then, as luck – or the gods themselves – would have it, our prayers were answered and today, we woke up to this beautiful message:

“Did you miss it? So did we. As soon as the doors to the next Amplifest edition are open, a little more than three years since the last edition (2016) will have passed. This break was good to us and and we´re returning this year with more strength and a will to turn Amplifest into an annual pilgrimage once again. We promise to announce the whole lineup in the coming weeks, but you can guarantee your presence in the next edition right away – tickets are already on sale here. We are counting on you, as always <3”.

Suffice to say, our hearts starting pumping like crazy. Maybe our eyes were deceiving us? No, they were not and it’s true. Amplifest is back! And just as you can read on the announcement above, every name for the seventh edition of Amplifest will be dropped in the coming weeks. We cannot wait to see what the festival has in store for us. See you all in October!

Amplifest 2019 takes place at Hard Club, in Porto, on October 12th-13th. Two-day tickets are available for 75 euros and can already be purchased online, here.

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