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Premiere: Julinko channels ethereal doom with brand-new single “The Woods, The Wheel”

In an era of super fast and easily accessible information, where new music is constantly being delivered and discovered, it’s hard to pay attention to everything that comes out. Among the mountains of releases that are dropped each year, there are often gems that are overlooked, sometimes due to time restraints and others due to them simply going unnoticed. One such gem is Julinko, the musical vision of Giulia Parin Zecchin that comes as a consequence of her dreams through ethereal landscapes and the exploration of ancient melodies. The music of Julinko is a dreamy blend of doom and psych that is both powerful and soothing, that captivates the listener and leaves him/her entranced in a parallel dimension of colour and hallucination.

Together with Carlo Veneziano (Orfaust) and Francesco Cescato, Julinko is releasing a brand-new record, Nèktar, which will be coming out on vinyl, tape and digital formats via Toten Schwan Records and Stoned to Death Records, this coming Monday, April 15th. Described as a transcendental process that “points to a backwards initiation journey, where death corresponds to a new life”, this is a record very reminiscent of Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle, and fans of both musicians will be pleased to hear the mystical doomgaze passages that Julinko can create.

Ahead of the release of Nèktar, we are pleased to unveil its third single, entitled “The Woods, The Wheel”, an ominous and gloomy song that features soul crunching guitars, piercing drums and Giulia’s soothing yet portentous voice. Lend your ears and let Julinko fill your heart with alchemical darkness.

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