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On March 9th, we traveled to Viseu to celebrate the Sixth Anniversary of the Fora de Rebanho cultural association. The name of the association is a Portuguese term that means “outside the herd”, a clear reference to what one tries to do in the context of the association. In a city like Viseu, which is relatively isolated from the larger urban areas and, as such, rarely hosts alternative events, Fora de Rebanho became the host of the heavier sonorities.

In a quirky combination of a bar with local people serving beer and younger, black-dressed people organizing and attending the event, there was a very special and inviting atmosphere of cultural symbiosis.

This concert, which celebrates one more year of the association, resulted in a glimpse of what it has been thriving to do through the years: combining bands with very different sonorities – in this case from rockabilly to death metal –, with a good ambience and an isolated place, a recipe known to appeal to all the black sheep out there.

Here are some pictures of that night.












Photography and words by Marta Rebelo

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