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This month: Laurus Nobilis Music 2019 with Hypocrisy, Samael and much more

Is it time already? You bet your arse it is! This year’s edition of Laurus Nobilis Music is closing in fast – quite literally, it starts in two weeks! -, and we can’t wait to finally step foot in Vila Nova de Famalicão to witness the great selection of bands the festival has arranged this time. As is usual, we will be talking a bit about the entire lineup to get you started before the big day arrives. Read along.

Day 0 of the festival is free-entry and rather straightforward. Being the smaller of the four days, it will serve as an appetizer – an entrée, so to speak. But as with anything in life, even the starters can make an impact and if they do, the rest of the meal just becomes so much savory. And this first day starts with a trio of great Portuguese bands that will surely leave no one indifferent – WAKOLyfordeath and Humanart – each employing a different variation of death and black metal. After them, the Spanish Soldier will embrace us in their southerned influenced thrash metal and finally, the German Contradiction will finish the night with some good ol’ fast-paced thrash metal. 

The first day of the festival will once again start with a Portuguese entourage. Miss LavaPeste & SidaWrath SinsHochiminh and Second Lash will offer us a grand variety of sonorities that are present in the Portuguese music scene, which range from stoner and punk rock to progressive metal and grunge. The mighty Swedish death engine known as Entombed A.D. will follow suit to present their latest record, Bowels of Earth, but also to play some classic Entombed songs like “Left-Hand Path” and “Wolverine Blues”. The Italian symphonic death metal maestros Fleshgod Apocalypse will end the second day in style by presenting their brand-new record, Veleno, a darkened operatic album filled with vibrant orchestral passages and the agression characteristic of the death metal genre.

Changing the order of things a bit, the Swiss Samael will headline day 2 of Laurus Nobilis Music 2019 with their brand of hard-hitting industrial music mixed with the nuances of black metal. And speaking of industrial, the German Crematory will also be playing on this day. Their latest record, Oblivion, demonstrates really well why the band is considered to be one of the standard-bearers of the gothic metal scene. The Portuguese contingent of day 2 is formed by the prog rockers Sollar, the doomsters Sinistro, the folk metallers Gwydion, the melodic groove metal group Tales for the Unspoken and the thrashers Primal Attack. The third and final day will be headed by the legendary Swedish death metal masters Hypocrisy, who are currently recording the follow-up to 2013s End of Disclosure. Their fellow countrymen Soilwork will perform before them, showcasing their incredibly groovy melodic death metal and the day itself will start with the Portuguese brutal slammers Analepsy and their fellow countrymen in SimbioseGrimlet and Toxikull. Check out our Spotify playlist below to get to know a few of these bands and make sure to not miss the festival – it will be a blast!

Laurus Nobilis Music 2019 takes place at Vila Nova de Famalicão, on July 25th-28th. Daily and three-day passes are currently available for 30 and 50 euros, respectively, and can be purchased online via Bilheteira Online and MásQueTicket.

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