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Road to SonicBlast Moledo 2019: Five bands you must see on August 8

It is that time of the year again when we eagerly anticipate for the coming of this year’s edition of SonicBlast Moledo, while talking to you about a few of the bands that will take part of the lineup and we think you should not miss, by any means necessary. Okay, maybe not so drastically, but we do mean it to some extent – SonicBlast in itself is a festival no one on this beautiful blue rock should miss and the following are all reasons enough to uphold that sentiment. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to some of the finest bands that will be performing on the first day of the ninth edition of SonicBlast Moledo.



Sweden is home to many great stoner bands and the list we present you today serves as proof of that statement, as it is mostly comprised of Swedish bands or bands featuring Swedish artists. And Graveyard are, without a doubt, the biggest name between all of them. Hailing from Gothenburg, this quartet has made waves ever since the release of their self-titled debut record in 2007, thanks to the band’s refreshing take on psychedelic and hard rock – a notable deviation from the usually heavy metal focused scene that is famous in their hometown. After what seemed like a incredibly successful ten-year long run, that included the release of three more records – among them, the iconic Hisingen Blues -, the band suddenly disbanded without much explanation other than the usual “differences within the band”, which caught everyone by surprise.

This wouldn’t be Graveyard’s final moment, however, as they returned as quickly as they had vanished and released Peace, a record that retains the 70s revivalist vibe of the band but moves forward in new and heavier directions. In Portugal, they have performed quite a few times but Moledo is brand-new territory for the band and we look forward to see to what extent they will take advantage of being in front of their most avid fans once they step foot on the Main Stage.



Continuing with the Swedish assault, Monolord is a name that does not need much introduction when it comes to SonicBlast. In fact, it was only two years ago when the trio of vocalist/guitarist Thomas V. Jäger, bassist Mika Häkki and drummer Esben Willems performed a monolithic show to the crowd in Moledo. Now, they are coming again for a second round of riff worshipping goodness and you better be ready to face the true power of the riff as these dudes are not here to play games. While most bands abide to a “live slow, die older” way of playing, Monolord didn’t stop atthe “play in a lower tuning” par – they crafted a singular sound that features hazy vocals, intoxicating and dense guitar riffs and fierce drumming, which is instantly recognizable at first audition. If you don’t believe us, check out their three records to date, Empress Rising, Vaenir and Rust, and try to prove us wrong. You won’t be able to

As for live performances, the band is well-versed in this sort of thing as they are constantly touring and giving great shows. And if they are as intense as they were last year, you can bet you will be left with bleeding ear-drums from the sonic massacre Monolord will create on the Main Stage.



Getting tired of Swedish bands, already? Well, what about an international act that does feature a couple Swedish members and has been in the mouth of the world ever since their inception in 2014? Do you know who we are talking about? Well, if you don’t know them already, allow us to introduce to you the amazing Lucifer. Created by the charismatic Johanna Sadonis the splitting of The Oath – a band she formed with Linnéa Olsson -, Lucifer pick up the best parts of what makes occult rock such a beloved genre and mix them with a highly-concentrated dose of doom metal. The result is an alchemical sound that transports the listener to a psychedelic dream-like state and invokes images of dark rituals and mystical ceremonies filled with black magic. Their two records to date, aptly named Lucifer I and Lucifer II, have received tremendous praise from both fans and press and the band doesn’t take that sentiment lightly, choosing to continue to push the boundaries of spiritual heavy rock even further.

Despite their relative fame, the band has never performed in Portugal, which makes SonicBlast the perfect place for such an anticipated debut. Prepare to be entranced by the occult imagery and ethereal sonorities when Lucifer make their appearance at the Main Stage.



We started this list with the biggest Swedish name and we almost end it with lesser known one. But make no mistake – MaidaVale are not to be taken lightly. This Swedish quartet breathe experimentality and eccentricity into psych rock, something that earned the attention of a lot of people. Their latest record, Madness Is Too Pure, features grooves that will take you on an aural journey deep inside your psyche and you will crying for more after listening to it, as well as their their debut record, Tales Of The Wicked West.

On a live setting, MaidaVale excel at making their music come to life with sensually rhythmic dancing and playing that will surely leave no one indifferent. Expect pure psychedelic magick when seeing the Swedish gals perform on the Pool Stage.


Jesus The Snake

Last but by no means least, we have the only non-Sweden related group of today’s list, Jesus The Snake. Hailing from Vizela, a Portuguese city belonging to the district of Braga, this young group invokes the 70s prog melodies of bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin as much as they call upon the fuzziness of bands like Samsara Blues Experiment and Sungrazer. The result is a very hazy and progressive sounding, instrumental psych rock that is very evident in their debut release, Black Acid, Pink Rain, a record that makes us want to explore various planes of existence and emotion.

These harmonious escapades extend to their live performances, with the band taking cues from the aforementioned 70s prog rock bands and delivering very enjoyable performances. They will be opening the Pool Stage this year but be forewarned – it will also be one of the best shows you will see there, without a doubt.


Article assembled from suggestions by the Lore team
Words by Filipe Silva

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