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This month: Amenra’s 20th Anniversary – The Building of the Free Church

A very special celebration is upon us. This year, the spiritual sludge collective known as Amenra is celebrating 20 years of existence and, in colaboration with De Brakke Grond and the Paradiso venue, have conjured something very unique for such a monumental occasion. A full programme of dances, performances, conversations, exhibitions and more, has been prepared, taking place across three days – from September 27th to 29th -, at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. You can check the entire program below, as well as the official poster of the event. 

Sep. 27 & 28 – Natalia Pieczuro & Colin H. Van Eeckhout: This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards – Dance
Sep. 27, 28 & 29 – Colin H. Van Eeckhout and others: De Beeldenstorm – Expo
Sep. 27 – Aan de Tafelberg #1 – Workshop
Sep. 27 – A Night by Colin H. Van Eeckhout with Lingua Ignota, Broeder Dieleman and Onmens – Music
Sep. 28 – Music Programme in Paradiso with Amenra, Alcest, Lingua Ignota, Treha Sektori, Bossk and Year of the Cobra – Music
Sep. 28 & 29 – Peter Aers: The Pain of Others – Performance
Sep. 27 & 29 – Peter Seynaeve: Ain’t Done Much Healing – Performance
Sep. 29 – Barbara Raes & Colin H. Van Eeckhout: Het Ochtendgloren – Brunch/Dialogue

Tickets for each activity in the programme are available online via Paradiso and De Brakke Grond.


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