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Amplifest announces day splits, daily tickets available this coming thursday

We are getting ever so closer to the return of Amplifest, the festival made by music lovers for music lovers that gathers some of the most interesting bands and artists from around the world for a weekend that isn’t replicated anywhere else. Previously, we shared with you the announcement of the entire music lineup and today, we have the pleasure of giving you so more good news in the form of day splits, daily tickets and two documentary announcements. Let’s get rolling.

Starting with the documentaries, the festival will host a screening for two that are both very special and compelling. The first is Where Does a Body End?, the very first authorized documentary on the savage and tender extremes of a band called Swans, told through a unprecedented amount of archive footage and interviews spanning the past 35 years, filmed by Marco Porsia. Back in May, we had the pleasure of writing a few words about such an important film – you can read them here -, and it’s without a hint of exaggeration that we say that you need to watch it. The documentary will be screened on October 12th, the first day of the festival and the same day you will be able to catch the following bands and artists live: Amenra, Author & Punisher, Birds in Row, Bliss Signal, Candura, Daughters, Emma Ruth Rundle, JK Flesh and Some Became Hollow Tubes. 

The second documentary is an independent documentary by Monzer Darwish about how Syrian heavy metal bands struggled to survive the war. Entitled Syrian Metal Is War, this documentary addressed the Syrian metal movement through the war that struck Syria in 2011 and that is still ongoing to this very day and sees Darwish journey from Salamiya through Homs, Damascus, Lattakia, and finally, his help on putting on the last heavy metal concert during heavy fighting in Aleppo. This singular documentary will be screened on the second day of the festival, October 13th, and will be next to the following performing bands and artists: Deafheaven, Gaerea, Ingrina, Inter Arma, Nadja, Pelican, Portrayal of Guilt and Touché Amoré. 

Amplifest 2019 takes place at Hard Club, in Porto, on October 12th-13th. Two-day tickets are sold out and daily tickets will be available for 50 euros, this coming thursday at 11am via Amplistore. This will be your last chance to be a part of a unique festival experience, so don’t miss out.


Nadja photo by Andrea Petrovicova

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