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The edition of Taina Fest that closed the Summer – which seemed more like it opened it, given the temperatures – once again encouraged a Summer afternoon at the Centro Católico de Operários do Porto. It will be ironic to point out that it was due to this institution, born in 1898, that several manifestations happened in the midst of the industrial revolution, namely one that is very important: the weekly rest on Sunday.

Times change. Those who certainly did not rest were the employees serving the people with their beautiful snacks, including bifanas, samosas, cakes, kebabs, the very typical food of a Sunday barbecue. Between the snacks and the beer, the house DJs took over as the venue started to fill up. When the sun no longer did its kind of brazier effect in the venue, Conferência Inferno tried to keep the temperature up, as the bolder began to cheer on synthesized melodies and revolutionary poetry. Jetro Tuga, with his air of fairness, let the audience calm down with a DJ set, while the staff enjoyed eating or drinking some more.

By the time José Pinhal Post Mortem Experience entered the stage – and so many, they are -, the house was practically full and the sweet sunset hitting the walls solemnly illuminated the entire surrounding space. Knowing how to dance or not, it was impossible to remain indifferent to the rhythms and melodies of this group that so well makes this Portuguese folk sound, sometimes seeming as if we were at a wedding party, about to release white doves. It is said that all that is good ends quickly and it must be admitted that the desire to continue dancing at night prevailed. The light was already dim when the karaoke began, to the happiness – or not -, of all present and the neighbours of the venue. May another Summer come with a Taina Fest # 3.

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Words and photos by Susana Rodrigues

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