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Mercyful Fate perform in Portugal for the first time in June

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for: Mercyful Fate are coming to Portugal for the first (and possibly only) time! When speaking about shows that cannot be missed, the legendary heavy metal group is way high on the list. Formed in 1981 by the charismatic vocalist King Diamond and iconic guitarist Hank Sherman, Mercyful Fate is considered to be one of the all-time heavyweights of the entire metal genre, having influenced a panoply of bands from Venom and Darkthrone, to Cradle of Filth and Ghost. After releasing seven incredible records, the band split up, but reunited very recently for an unspecified number of shows all around Europe and Portugal is, at long last, part of the itinerary. The band will be performing with the same lineup that recorded their latest LP, 9, which means we will not only get to see King Diamond and Hank Sherman on stage, but also Mike Wead (guitar), Bjarne T. Holm (drums) and Joey Vera (bass), the latter filling in for Sharlee D’Angelo and Timi Hansen. Get ready for a unique night of occult heavy metal! 

The concert will take place at Sala Tejo, in Lisbon, on June 27th. Tickets will be available for 45 euros and will go on sale starting December 6th.

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