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Next week: XXXapada na Tromba 2020 kicks off the festival season

2020 has barely even started and we already have the first festival of the year on our hands. That’s right, folks – XXXapada na Tromba is right around the corner and if you’ve been paying attention to all the goings-on of the grind and death metal world, you won’t want to miss this. Divided into two days and bringing the best of the aforementioned genres from this side of the Atlantic and beyond, XXXapada na Tromba is once again ready to deliver two brutal nights of devastation and hardcore partying to everyone that so happens to step foot at the RCA Club, in Lisbon, on January 17th and 18th. Let us show you exactly what we mean.

On the first day, the festival will be graced by the presence of the goregrind animals Spasm. Hailing from Czech Republic, this trio is known for their perverted humour and even more perverse live performances and even though they haven’t released a new LP since 2015, you can bet that doesn’t stall them from delivering the goods again and again. Also playing that very same day will be the British technical brutalizers known as Unfathomable Ruination, who will be presenting their brand-new record, Enraged & Unbound, in all its savage glory. A special note also goes to Holocausto Canibal, the Portuguese grinders who will be performing at the festival for the very first time and will be bringing their latest record, Catalépsia Necrótica, with them, as well as the Spanish grind aggressors Nashgul. But that’s not all. The first day is completed with a panoply of great bands that shouldn’t be missed. We are talking about the technical brutal death metallers of British trio Twitch of the Death Nerve, the drug-filled brutal death metal of the Spanish MDMA, the gory slam of German group Acranius and the deathgrind of their fellow countrymen in Diaroe, as well as the megalithic, paleolithic, construction druids of Raw Decimating Brutality and their fellow countrymen, the death metal quartet Bleeding Display.

Onwards to the second day, all attention goes to the death metal masters of Malevolent Creation, who will return to Portugal to present their brand-new record, The 13th Beast, but that’s not all that is out there to slay you. The Germans Kadaverficker and Cytotoxin will indulge you in the most refined death metal there is and the Portuguese Serrabulho will bring their latest record, Porntugal, for some good ol’ rave partying. Also of note are their good friends Analepsy, a mainstay of the festival and a true institution of brutal death in Portugal, as well as the Danish sodomizers Rectal Smegma and the British party slammers Party Cannon. Last but by no means least, the second day is completed by the presence of the Russian ultrafast jazzgrind band Byonoise Generator, the Spanish raw grind noisemakers Disturbance Project and the Portuguese death metal stompers Cronaxia. At the bottom of this article you can check out our Spotify playlist of the event, so you can familiarize yourself with some of the bands that are taking part of this wonderful lineup and get ready to slam all the weekend long. See you there, grinders!

XXXapada na Tromba 2020 takes place at RCA Club, in Lisbon, on January 17th-18th. Daily and two-day tickets are available for 30 and 45 euros, respectively, and can still be purchased online via the festival’s Big Cartel page, here. You can also check the festival’s running order here.


Artwork by Pedro Sena

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