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Meet Cosmic Void, the new black metal festival in London by Cult of Parthenope

From the darkest, loneliest corners of the universe comes a new black metal enlightenment, a promise for the withered souls that scour the beyond in search of the most extreme and creatively unbound outfits the genre has to offer. Some of you might know about Cult of Parthenope, the extreme metal label established in London that offers management, promotion and booking services and has an international, black metal only festival under the same name. The new decade will mark the evolution of said festival – though whether or not it’s a spiritual successor is left for debate -, into a new form of black metal celebration.

Enter Cosmic Void Festival, the new two-day black metal festival by Cult of Parthenope, that will take root in London’s Electric Ballroom and Underworld venues, and promises to bring the finest bands in the genre unto thee. We say it’s a promise but we already know it’s being fulfilled, as the first names that will partake in the celebratory first edition have been announced. Say hello to the Norwegian industrial maniacs Mysticum, the Norwegian suicidal black metal legends Carpathian Forest – playing a Black Shining Leather and new album special set -, the Finnish blasphemic black metallers Archgoat, the Italian depressive black metal outift Forgotten Tomb, the Dutch spiritual black masters Urfaust – in what will be the duos first ever performance in London -, and the Norwegian black metallers Endezzma. Many more names will be revealed soon, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.

Cosmic Void Festival 2020 will take place in London, UK, on October 3rd-4th. Early bird two-day tickets are avaialbe for 90 pounds. A “Cosmic Package” is also available for 110 pounds, containing a two-day ticket, an A3 poster, a festival t-shirt and a celebrative laminate pass. Both can be purchased online via the festival’s website, here.

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