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Review: Human Impact – Human Impact

What happens when you put together members of bands as iconic as Swans, Unsane and Cop Shoot Cop? Well, if you were ever in need of such an answer, then look no further than Human Impact. Formed by absolute veterans of the industrial and noise rock scene – case in point, Chris Spencer on vocals and guitars, Jim Coleman on electronics, Chris Pravdica on bass and Phil Puleo on drums -, this group combines those two genres to create an apocalyptic post-industrial sound with filmic countours that is grounded on each members’ personal history with the music genres they helped create. With a heavyweight lineup like this, where can you go wrong?

Quick answer is you can’t. The long answer is merely a description of the insane and dystopian soundscape the group creates in their debut record. Recorded at BC Studios by famed New York noise sculptor Martin Bisi and mixed by Alan Camlet at Hoboken Records, Human Impact’s debut record is an unsterilised portrayal of a world governed by greed and corruption, disease and famine. Chris Spencer serves as the proverbial proclamator of the end times, shouting with a fervour that is unmatched and accompanied by a razor-sharp guitar tune that takes your breath away, as well as Chris Pravdica’s groovy as fuck bass lines, Phil Puleo’s surgical, yet almost ritualistic drumming and Jim Coleman’s sampling and electronics that give a sense of unease and serve as the thread that connects all the noise together. Songs like “November”, “E605”, “Portrait”, and “Respirator” demonstrate the brilliance behind the group’s approach and are clear indicators of the overarching theme of the record: this isn’t about happy endings. It’s all about how twisted and fucked up our society is and how we are ultimately destroying the world with our egotistical and venomous attitude towards life.

Human Impact’s debut record will undoubtedly please the fans of each member’s past work, but it will also satisfy those that have a fondness for well-crafted industrial noise rock with a slight tinge of hardcore vibes. Should you find yourself in a position of consideration towards picking this one up, do yourself a favour and inject it hard into your ears. You won’t regret it.

Highlighted tracks: November; E605; Portrait; Respirator


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