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SonicBlast Fest will return in August 2021

It has been a difficult year for festivals worldwide and none have had a harder time than SonicBlast. Complications arose right after last year’s edition when the president of the parish council decided that the festival was to be moved from its current location at the Centro Cultural de Moledo to a different area. This decision came as a result of a petition by the townsfolk of Moledo that claimed that life during the festival dates was impossible due to “the excessive levels of noise caused by the festival”. As a result, and after no immediate and viable options were found, the festival organizers decided that the festival would not be happening in Moledo and that it would be moved to a different and as of yet announced location. Despite these adversities, the organizers remained positive and were working hard to deliver the best possible solution for the tenth edition, as well as a lineup matching in the quality of its predecessors. What no one could have predicted was the fact that the world would be hit be a pandemic.

As is stands and as we have reported before, the Portuguese government decided that all music festivals were prohibited until September 30th, making the possibility of SonicBlast to happen this year an impossibility. But the organizers aren’t quitting just yet and so, the tenth edition of SonicBlast Fest will now take place on August 12th-14th, 2021, in a location to be revealed soon. We will be awaiting for information regarding the new location and the epic lineup that is being prepared and will keep you posted on the months to come.  


Photo credit: Marta Rebelo

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