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Cult of Luna, Caspian and Holy Fawn confirmed for Amplifest 2021

Here is a piece of news we have all been waiting for. After its glorious return in 2019, Amplifest was forced to postpone its marvellous plans for this year, like so many other festivals have. But the wait is finally over, Amplifest is back and better than ever. Taking place once again in the beautiful and melancholic city of Porto and extending its next edition to three days, Amplifest is promising to deliver us its best edition yet and we have a lot of reasons to believe that statement. In a time where we all need hope, good shows and good times, Amplifest has made its mission to bring us a lineup that will fill our souls with joy and our bodies with pleasure. You’ve seen what happened last year, so let me tell you what will happen in the next.

Three are the names presented today and three are the names that will certainly whet the appetite of all music lovers. First off, we have the mighty Swedish collective known as Cult of Luna, who released a monumental new record last year, A Dawn to Fear, and are currently preparing the launch of a brand-new EP, The Raging River, which will be released on February 5th. Last time the band was in Portugal was also the first and only time they were at Amplifest, so this will be a most welcome return by the Swedish post-metal masters to the holy grounds of the festival. Next we have another Ampli-return in Caspian. Last seen in 2016, the North American post-rock sextet are well-beloved in the festival and will come back to present their brand-new record, On Circles, which was released earlier this year. Last but not least, we have Holy Fawn, a North American blackgaze quartet that will be making their debut in Portugal to present both their debut LP and follow-up EP, Death Spells and The Black Moon, respectively. A lot more names will be announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.

Amplifest 2021 takes places on Hard Club, in Porto, on October 8th-10th. Early bird three-day tickets are available for 90 euros and can be purchased online via See Tickets. These are limited to 100 and once they are gone, regular three-day tickets will be put on sale.


Photo credit: Pär Olofsson

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