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Anna von Hausswolff to embark on a solo pipe organ tour of Europe in Fall 2021

Anna von Hausswolff is passionate about the pipe organ and its capabilities, and in September 2020, Southern Lord released the solo instrumental record, All Thoughts Fly, which embodies the exploration of any and all possibilities. The record radiates a melancholic beauty and is distinguished by fluid transitions of contrasting elements; calmness and drama, harmony and dissonance. The organ on All Thoughts Fly is situated in Gothenburg and is a Swedish replica of the Arp Schnitger organ in Germany. It is the largest organ tuned in Quarter-comma Meantone temperament in the world. With its four manuals, one pedal and 54 stops, it was built as part of a ten-year research project reconstructing 17th Century North German organ building craft. The tuning temperament is an important detail to note here, as it deeply affects the sound and tuning, and thus radically changed the process of creating this record.

For the first time in her career, Anna von Hausswolff is to embark on an ambitious solo pipe organ tour across Europe in November and December of this year, presenting the latest work, All Thoughts Fly on 17 different organs – dates below. About the tour Anna comments, “These beautiful organs all have different manuals and dispositions, they are big and small, old and new, and they live in different spaces, holy and unholy. I’ve had some technical requirements and it is impossible to create a tour like this without compromise but that’s also where the charm lies; some things are beyond my control, for better or worse. As a result each and every concert will be unique in terms of sound and volume. So, I hereby invite you to take part in this huge experiment of mine where I befriend these instruments for the first time and present “All Thoughts Fly” for organ and 12 speakers. Go to church, be embraced by the sound and let your thoughts fly.”

Nov. 17 – Aarhus, DK – Sankt Lukas Kirke
Nov. 19 – Berlin, DE – Kaiser Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche
Nov. 20 – Leipzig, DE – Philippuskirche
Nov. 22 – Prague, CZ – Church of the Holy Saviour
Nov. 24 – Bratislava, SK – Slovak Radio Large Concert Hall
Nov. 26 – Munich, DE – St. Matthäus Church
Nov. 27 – Kufstein, AT – Heldenorgel
Nov. 29 – Bologna, IT – S. Basilica di S. Maria dei Servi
Dec. 01 – Bern, CH – Church of the Holy Ghost
Dec. 03 – Lausanne, CH – Église Saint-François
Dec. 05 – Montpellier, FR – Église Les Saints François
Dec. 07 – Nantes, FR – Église St. Clément
Dec. 09 – Paris, FR – Église St. Eustache
Dec. 11 – Nijmegen, NL – Stevenskerk
Dec. 13 – Brussels, BE – Église Saint-Dominique de Bruxelles
Dec. 16 – Copenhagen, DK – Organ Sound Art Festival
Dec. 18 – Helsingborg, SE – Gustav Adolfs Kyrka


Photo credit: Gianluca Grasselli

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