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Vagos Metal Fest reschedules fifth edition to 2022, announces first names

As unsuprising as this pandemic as made it seem, the fifth edition of Vagos Metal Fest is once again postponed for next year. Not ones to throw the towel after tremendous efforts and always willing to bring to their audience the biggest names in the metal scene today, the festival has reannounced the first six names for its fifth edition – welcome back EmperorDimmu BorgirTestamentTrollfestMy Dying Bride and Exodus. As one would expect, a lot more names are still left to be confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.

Vagos Metal Fest 2022 takes place at Quinta do Ega, in Vagos, on July 28th-30th. Daily and three-day tickets are available for 40 and 80 euros, respectively, and can be purchased online via the festival’s website. Tickets bought for the 2020 and 2021 editions of the festival will remain valid for the 2022 edition.


Photo credit: Bjørn Tore Moen

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