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Vanum announce third record, Legend, out on April 22nd via Profound Lore

After a period of smoldering dormancy, the North American transcendental black metal outfit Vanum reappears, blazing and alive, with a new and triumphant third record, entitled Legend. Continuing the undefeated march of previous works but raising the stakes even higher, Legend finds Vanum both expanding and refining their approach, in turn delivering their most fully realized recording to date. The core of the band’s sound remains unchanged: unyielding and grandiose black metal that traces through a hellish line from the power of mid-era Bathory, the riff-craft of the Hellenic masters and the bitter fury of the Slavic greats. But amidst the pantheon of familiar influences, new touchstones become ever more apparent, and with Legend, the continuum is charted further back and to new lands. Within the throes of the black metal maelstrom, echoes of classic heavy metal are increasingly recognizable, further bolstering Vanum’s towering melodic sensibility and epic songwriting. Coupled with a deeper and expanded exploration and use of ambience and synthesizers, this record is imbued with a richness and sense of majesty that underpins each of its five towering compositions. While musically dynamic as ever, the overriding theme of the album is one of victory; that is, both victory amidst bloodshed and triumph amidst loss. Recorded in various locations throughout the country during pandemic times, Legend was overseen and mixed by producer Andrew Oswald and mastered by Dan Lowndes, and showcases Black Metal as spiritual war, the aural embodiment of ancient combat and heroic struggle. Below this article you can listen to the first single off of Legend, entitled “Adversary”.

Legend will be released on April 22nd via Profound Lore. Physical and digital pre-orders are now available here. A vinyl edition of the record will also be released in mid-May via both Profound Lore and Eisenwald, with pre-orders available at a later date.

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