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A Colossal Weekend announces the complete lineup of its 2022 edition

For those that are unaware, A Colossal Weekend is a collaboration between well renowned venue VEGA in Copenhagen and the booking agency Colossal as they both discovered a common goal and ambition in presenting visionary acts of high quality within genres that many might not be too familiar with. Earlier editions have counted acts such as Cult of Luna, Pelican, Deafheaven, Anna Von Hausswolff, Alcest and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The concept of the festival is quite simple; to be a facilitated gathering place for music nerds, metalheads and curious souls with a soft spot for dark, experimental and atmospheric music. Genres such as post-rock, post-metal, math, doom, sludge and black metal are solid ingredients in the program, however detours throughout other genres such jazz, techno and neo classical can also be expected.

The lineup is built up around a handful of well-known acts who represents specific tendencies and sounds within their domain, accompanied by a substantial amount of strictly curated underground acts, who altogether underlines, challenges and explores the infinite borderlands of alternative gloomy music. This year, A Colossal Weekend is bringing to Denmark a multitude of artists that, in one way or another, illustrate the festival’s musical diversity and kinship towards the more exploratory strands of the aforementioned music genres. Here is a complete rundown of all the artists that will make their presence known at this year’s edition of A Colossal Weekend: A Burial At Sea, Aidan Baker + We Like We, Aiming For Enrike, Astodan, BRUIT ≤, Conjurer, CTL DRP, Deafkids, Dying Hydra, El Ten Eleven, Helms Alee, Intechnicolour, Kadavermarch, Kokomo, Kollapse, Late Night Venture, Meejah, Moloken, Mouth Wound, Møl, Nadja, neànder, O Machine, Oranssi Pazuzu, pg.lost, Psychonaut, Ranges, Russian Circles, Sâver, Shy Low, Spirit Adrift, Stiu Nu Stiu, Sturle Dagsland, This Gift is A Curse, Tvivler, Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket, We Stood Like Kings and Yob.

With the most extensive line-up in the life span of A Colossal Weekend, expansions also include new locations and stages where the music can be experienced. Both the venues Basement and Raahuset will be a supplement to the two Vega stages, so the festival will be omnipressent in the Vesterbro City Area. With the two new stages, it is now possible to get acquainted with even more exciting acts during the weekend and furthermore, outdoor areas for pre- and post-show hangouts will be established alongside night performances and afterparties. The festival time schedule and venue plan will be announced in near future.

A Colossal Weekend 2022 will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 19th-21st. Daily and weekend tickets are available for 280 and 600 kr, both can be purchased online via Ticketmaster.


Photo credit: Tekla Vàly

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