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Road to SWR FEAST: Four bands you can’t miss during the festival

With SWR Barrosela’s Metalfest right around the corner, eager to wipe all memories of the pandemic into oblivion, this very much anticipated 23rd edition is bursting with the promise of unforgettable performances.

We’re adamant to make sure you know which bands you should not miss on this 29th and 30th of April. Here’s our four favourite picks for this year’s mayhem:



Deathhammer (NOR)

If you’re not familiar with DEATHHAMMER, you will probably think that this band was founded in the 80’s. With a rotten and furious sound, they invoke punk, thrash and speed sonorities. It is reminiscent of the thrash metal primordials, particularly the German and Scandinavian scene.

Coming from Norway, Deathhammer is no immune to the influence Norwegian black metal has over the metal scene. Yet, if anything, this band proves that Norway is not only black metal – the rawness is there, but an inciting and malignant energy too. And we are definitely eager to experience that all.



Skeletal Remains (USA)

For eleven years, these Californian beasts have been unleashing sleazy and virulent death metal that never seems to run out of bloodthirst. With a sound reminiscent of old school death metal from the late 80s and early 90s, SKELETAL REMAINS blend elements of death and thrash metal with blazing solos and powerful riffs. 

Their relentless nature will get you in an uncontrollable pit and the audience will be rewarded with a furious dose of bile and carnage.




Autopsy (USA)

Spewing a caustic blend of thrash, grind, and death, AUTOPSY are at the top of the death metal food chain, being a key contributor to the rise of death metal in the late 80’s.

Under their legacy are records such as «Severed Survival» or «Mental Funeral», two influential albums that earned a unanimous death metal classic status. After a prolonged hiatus, the band returned in 2010 with the «The Tomb Within» EP followed by the full-length «Macabre Eternal». And, as of today, they keep spreading their malice over the world.

Autopsy is sludgy and filthy, and that’s what we are expecting. This show promises to be one of the highlights of this year’s edition.


Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (PT)

With Decayed sadly not being able to make it to this edition, it is FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM that comes to replace them. A show specially prepared for Barroselas is awaiting us: on the night of the 30th of April, FNI will be playing their 1995 classic EP “A Era do Abutre” and, if you have seen them live, you know what to expect.

Needless to say that with any heretic band, there’s a heretic frontman and with FNI, that’s exactly what you get. Belathauzer particularly provides a unique show with, among other oddities, comically cited biblical passages. An event not to be missed.


Article assembled from suggestions by the Lore team
Words by Marta Rebelo

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