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Next week: Wiegedood have a double date of bleakness and gloom with Portugal

Next week, it will be time for a double date with bleakness and gloom. More pecisely, the time will come for us to witness once again the destructive force that is Wiegedood. Affiliated with the well-known and highly regarded Church of Ra collective, under which they share not only members, but also artistic philosophies and aesthetic visions with bands such as Amenra, Oathbreaker and Hessian, the Belgian Wiegedood always stood out from among them for the incredibly atmospheric brand of black metal they crafted in order to express their singular musical vision. After the acclaimed trilogy of De Doden Hebben Het Goed, which cemented the band as worthy of note, the trio of vocalist/guitarist Levy Seynaeve, guitarist Gilles Demolder and drummer Wim Sreppoc shifted their creative gears towards a new and engaging new record, There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road, a record that saw the band make use of synthesizers and samples, adding new dark tones to their already grim palette. Lyrically speaking, this new record delves deep into the human psyche and explores the most vile and insane corners of the human condition and the society that surrounds it.

Having such an amazing studio outing under their belt means a visit ot Portugal is absolutely imperative. And as previously mentioned, it will all take place next week – on May 27th and 28th, Wiegedood will be performing at the Musicbox, in Lisbon, and the Hard Club, in Porto, respectively. Joining the band on both dates as a very special guest will be Portugal’s own CAVERNANCIA, the new sonic facet of Pedro Roque, who will be presenting manto, an unique 35-minute-long experimental noise piece that serves as a deep dive into a deserted city at night, whose only movement comes from the industrial factories and railroads. Two nights of desolation and sorrow await us; see you there.

Tickets are still available for 15 euros and can be purchased online via See Tickets.

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