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The Inspector Cluzo unveil the second single off of their upcoming record, Horizon, out on January 27th via F*** The Bass Player Records

The Inspector Cluzo have just unveiled a new single off of their upcoming record, Horizon! Entitled “Swallows”, this new track is accompanied by a stunning animated video that was drawn by Cecilia Pepper and animated by Maxime Cazaux, which perfectly embodies the spirit of the music – you can watch the video below this article. More than just a ballad, “Swallows” remains a quintessential The Inspector Cluzo song, bringing to the frontline crucial issues we all face, with rock elegance, unbearable sadness and profound anger.

On this new single, The Inspector Cluzo comments: “At Lou Casse organic farm, we’re fortunate enough to see migratory birds such as swallows building their nest in the old barn. Pesticides used worldwide make it hard for swallows to find food, because bugs are being killed in the fields. Furthermore, the proliferation of urban zones prevents them to find proper shelter to raise their youngs. We can see them disappearing little by little. It’s ironic to know that the use of pesticides is said to “feed people” – most food on Earth is made using chemical agriculture techniques – whereas it destroys every little life around it. We decided to write a song about the swallows not only because they are so beautiful spinning around in the sky or flying over our organic wheat or corn field to get bugs for their kids, but also to point out that another agriculture is possible without destroying the world: agro-ecologic agriculture. Though it’ll be a long shot and a long fight before the modern society understands this.”

Horizon will be released on January 27th via F*** The Bass Player Records. Physical and digital pre-orders are now available here.


Photo credit: Philippe Salvat

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