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This week: Brujeria return to Lisbon to wreak more havoc

This week promises to be a chaotic one as the mighty grindcore and death metal cabrone Brujeria are making their return to Lisbon to wreak even more havoc than last time. With a career that has endured for a little over 30 years and that spans four incredibly incendiary and revolutionary full-length records, as well as a few EPs and singles, Brujeria have never stopped scrutinizing every aspect of social and political life, particularly that of the United States, often spewing messages about satanism, sex, immigration, drug smuggling and anti-racism. This coming December 10th, the group will liven up the RCA Club, in Lisbon, and they will not be alone. Opening the night as very special guests will not only be previously announced Portuguese grind maniacs Besta, but also the Portuguese brutal goregrind masters Holocausto Canibal. A decidedly savage night that should not be missed by anyone.

Tickets for the show are still available for 22 euros and can be purchased online via Clockwork Store and Unkind.

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