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Next week: Bongzilla bring the dab to Portugal for the very first time

Ready for some weed-related madness? The mighty stoner metal giants Bongzilla are currently trekking around Europe and the immense cloud of green haze is close to making its way to Portugal for the very first time! As one of the most incredible and relevant acts in the whole genre, thanks to an amazing discography that includes apotheotic records such as StashAmerijuanican or Weedsconsin, Bongzilla never shy away from bringing that dabbing goodness that is so prevalent in their music to any city that would have them. With their brand-new record, Dab City, Bongzilla deliver an ode to the purest form of THC and their beloved town of Madison, Wisconsin, affectionately known as Mad City. Straighforward, consistent, no frills and absolutely zonked out, Dab City continually showcases why Bongzilla are a cult classic band amidst the stoner metal scene.

As mentioned above, this current tour will bring the dabbing maniacs to Portugal for the very first time, where they will be performing two incredibly special shows – on June 20th, they will perform at the Hard Club, in Porto, and on June 21st, they will perform at the RCA Club, in Lisbon. Both dates will have local support from the Portuguese punks Scatterbrainiac. Tickets for both nights are available for 15 euros and can be purchased online via Bilheteira Online. They are running low, so grab yours quickly!

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