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Therion announce final record of Leviathan Trilogy, Leviathan III, out on December 15th via Napalm Records

Swedish symphonic metal legends Therion return to deliver another masterpiece, fulfilling the grandiose Leviathan trilogy. With more than 35 years under their belts, the band founded by mastermind Christofer Johnsson is considered one of the most style-defining acts of symphonic metal. Down to the present day, Johnsson claims Celtic Frost and their way to combine opera vocals and orchestral instruments in the late 80s as one of his main influences back in the days, leading to Therion’s Symphony Masses (1993) and Lepaca Kliffoth (1995) to set the stages for the genre in the early 90s, followed by symphonic metal milestone Theli in 1996. Today, the band announces Leviathan III  and with it, the first single, “Twilight of the Gods”, which delivers the finest of epic and symphonic metal, finding a harmonious and balanced blend between guitars, choirs and orchestra – you can listen to the single below this article. Overall, the compositions on Leviathan III lean towards the magnificent and theatrical, offering a high variety of musical styles while deftly blurring the boundaries of metal and classical music. With this newest opus, mastermind Christofer Johnsson proves his incredible talent once more, and that Therion have perfected their very own combination of versatile styles, resulting in the creation of a symphonic league of their own.

Leviathan III will be released on December 15th via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are now available here.


Photo credit: Mina Karadzic

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