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This month: Verbian and Palegazer set to wreak havoc in Porto before Christmas

While most of us are ready to take a well-deserved break from the daily grind and kick back to enjoy the Holidays, there are still a few things left to do before the year ends. One of them is a very special sonorous showcase set to take place at Socorro, in Porto, on December 23rd, which features two tremendous Portuguese acts. One of them is Verbian, who combine elements of post-rock and doom metal to create a sound that is both raw and cathartic, as evidenced by their sophomore record, Irrupção, released two years ago via Antigony Records. The other is Palegazer, a brand-new duo that emerges from Porto, integrating elements of post-metal, doom metal, metalcore, blackgaze and many other subgenres of extreme music. This carefully-concocted mixture of genres makes for a sound that stands out for having variations in dynamics both instrumentally and vocally, alternating between melancholic melodies that create an immersive atmosphere. This will be the band’s very first live performance, so there is absolutely no better way to kick off the Holidays than this.

As mentioned above, the show will take place at Socorro, in Porto, on December 23rd. Tickets are 6 euros and will be made available at the door.

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