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NECRØ unveil new single, Deathward, out now via Cold Transmission

For the uninitiated and the unware, NECRØ is the latest project spawned forth from the mind of João Vairinhos, a musician whose work not only has been published under his own name, but has also been associated with artists such as Hélio Morais (Linda Martini) and Ricardo Remédio (LÖBO, RA), as well as bands such as Wildnorthe and LÖBO. To advance his vision of NECRØ, Vairinhos recruited Sara Inglês, the idiosyncratic voice and keyboardist with whom Vairinhos works with in the aforementioned Wildnorthe. NECRØ’s sound universe can be described as a kind of marriage between a more gloomy Boy Harsher and a more exploratory Perturbator, but the truth is that the compositional and vocal attributes present have, in their genesis, a personality that does not require any comparative and metaphorical exercise, however creative it may seem.

While finishing their upcoming debut full-length, which will be released on a date to be announced in 2024, NECRØ release the single “Deathward”, which stands as both a follow-up to their debut EP, Death Beats, as well as a taste of what is next for the duo. This new single, which you can listen to below this article, will be included in Cold Transmission’s upcoming Zeitgeist Chrome VOL. 2 compilation, alongside bands from the dark electro and coldwave scene such as Years of Denial, S Y Z Y G Y X, Kalte Nacht and Noromakina. NECRØ’s new record will also be released by Cold Transmission, and the band is currently scheduling national and international dates for 2024.

Zeitgeist Chrome VOL. 2 will be released on March 29th via Cold Transmission. Pre-orders are now available here.

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