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Inter Arma to replace Zombi at Amplifest 2024

Amplifesters, the time has come for a couple more news regarding the best festival a music lover can have. On the one hand, we have the unfortunate cancellation of Zombi, who will no longer be able to move forward with their upcoming European tour, as composer Steve Moore has received an irrecusable offer to score an upcoming mini series. On the other hand, Zombi’s replacement will come in the form of a bomb, namely the blackened sludge metal darlings Inter Arma. The North American quintet have released an explosive new record last April, New Heaven, and are dead set on showcasing all of its potency in a live setting. So, shall we see you there?

Amplifest 2024 takes place at the Hard Club, in Porto, on November 9th-10th. The second wave of two-day passes is now available, ranging from 119 to 149, in a “pay what you can” format. Additionaly, daily tickets are now available for 69 euros. All options are available to be purchased online via See Tickets. More information on ticket options and daily splits can be found at the festival’s website, here.


Photo credit: Jonah Livingston