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Kittie announce long-awaited new record, Fire, which will be released on June 21st via Sumerian Records

For those that were on board from the beginning with 1999’s debut record Spit, Kittie was always considered part of the nu-metal movement. Going into their later records, 2009’s In The Black and 2011’s I’ve Failed You, the band had evolved into something far more sinister, and were viewed as a serious full-on metal outfit. Just as they seemed to be hitting their stride six records into their career, however, Kittie slowly disappeared from the scene in the wake of touring for I’ve Failed You. The silence was eventually dubbed an “indefinite hiatus” by the band, broken only by a one-off hometown show in London, Ontario in 2017, and the release of the documentary, Kittie: Origins/Evolutions, in 2018. But thirteen years later, that silence has been broken in earnest. Vocalist and guitarist, Morgan Lander, drummer Mercedes Lander, guitarist Tara McLeod and bassist Ivy Vujic maintain that Kittie did not break up because it is an ingrained part of their identity. The documentary and the one-off show in London were intended as a cap on everything, leaving a big question mark at what might happen down the road. Offers from promoters to do some shows in 2022 and 2023, including the sold-out, inaugural Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas, were enough to convince Kittie to dust off their instruments, resulting in a renewed interest in the band and a label deal with Sumerian Records.

When they finally did gather as a unit, it was like putting on a pair of comfortable boots, with no need to break things in before getting down to business. It turns out that thirteen years away has seen the band develop growth in songwriting, arranging, lyrical content and vocal melodies, creating something monstrous and volatile. Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Rush, Alice In Chains, Korn), Kittie have finally surfaced and are poised to unleash Fire, their first record in thirteen years via their new label home, the aforementioned Sumerian Records. With renewed fury and unfathomable sonic brutality, the new era of Kittie has begun. Speaking on today’s announcement and their latest single, Kittie vocalist and guitarist Morgan Lander shares, “10 years ago, if someone would have told us that we would be releasing new Kittie music in 2024, we’d have dismissed them right away. It feels like something deeper than fate that’s brought us together again, allowing us to create something fearless and magical for you. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past year, and surrounded ourselves with the ultimate dream team to make this album a reality. We cannot wait for you to lose yourselves in the passion and strength of Fire“. On the band’s new single – which you can listen to below this article -, Lander adds, “Vultures is a bold musical declaration, signalling our new beginnings as a band. Vultures is a warning to those with hidden agendas, who thrive on deception. It’s a proclamation of breaking free of the chains of exploitation and a reckoning for those who pick at the bones of those who suffer in silence.”

Fire will be released on June 21st via Sumerian Records. Pre-orders are now available here.


Photo credit: Dante Dellamore

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