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Blessed Witch: An Interview with Lana Del Rabies

With the impending release of "STREGA BEATA" in mind, we spoke with Sam An about her relationship with music growing up, the influences that inspired the foundation of Lana Del Rabies and what the creative and recording process was like for "STREGA BEATA".

The Long Road: A conversation with Andy Gibbs of Thou

With Thou's impending return to Europe in mind, we checked back with Andy Gibbs to talk about the return of live shows, the creative and recording process behind "Myopia" and the "Norco" video game soundtrack, as well as what the future holds for the band going forward.

Lest We Forget: A conversation with Dälek

Earlier in May, we had the tremendous pleasure of chatting with Will Brooks about the creative process behind Dälek's brand-new record, "Precipice", as well as the group's origins and what it is like touring with rock and metal bands.

All Bells Ringing: A conversation with Dylan Walker of Full of Hell

Together with frontman Dylan Walker, we navigated a bit through the decade-long history of Full of Hell, from their early beginnings and influences to their collaboration records with Merzbow and The Body, as well as the band's upcoming fifth record, "Garden of Burning Apparitions".