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Inside The Dream: A conversation with Johannes Persson of Cult of Luna

We spoke with Johannes Persson, the unmistakable frontman of Cult of Luna, about the creative and recording process behind both A Dawn to Fear and The Raging River, the founding of the band's own record label, Red Creek, and their return to Amplifest later this year as part of their upcoming European tour with Caspian and Holy Fawn.

A Pain of Knowing: A conversation with Lee Buford of The Body

We spoke with drummer Lee Buford about the creative and recording process behind The Body's new record, "I've Seen All I Need To See", as well as the multitude of collaborations they have been involved in throughout their 20+ year career and their plans for the immediate future.

May Our Chambers Be Full: A conversation with Andy Gibbs of Thou

In lue of the imminent release of "May Our Chambers Be Full" via Sacred Bones' Alliance Series, we spoke with guitarist Andy Gibbs about the circumstances in which Thou's new collaboration record with Emma Ruth Rundle came to be, the recording process and goals of the record, as well as videogames as an influence and the current state of the live music industry.

Honouring The Muse: A conversation with Steve Von Till

Steve Von Till tells us about how he had to allow himself to follow the creative muse during the creation of his brand-new record, "No Wilderness Deep Enough", as well as his work as an elementary teacher and his thoughts on n a creative future endangered by a worldwide pandemic.

Atomic Age: A conversation with Zachary Ezrin of Imperial Triumphant

We spoke with Zachary Ezrin, the founder, vocalist and guitarist of the golden ritualists known as Imperial Triumphant, about the creative process behind the creation of the band's brand-new record, "Alphaville", their many influences and the decision behind the inclusion of two very singular and distinct cover tracks, among other topics.

Killing Music: A conversation with Dave Hunt

Back in April 2019, at SWR Barroselas Metalfest, we spoke with Dave Hunt, the charismatic frontman of Anaal Nathrakh and former vocalist of Benediction and Mistress, about his now 20-plus year career in heavy music, his influences over the years and the pressure of performing live.