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OOMPH! announce new record, Richter und Henker, out on September 8th via Napalm Records

Fans have eagerly waited for what seems like an eternity and now, the time has finally come to unveil not only a new OOMPH! opus, but also their new singer. Founding members CR4P and FLUX took all the time they needed to find their fitting third band member, and DER SCHULZ is just that person, one that combines everything the band has always been known for. From day one, the band searched for a third member who would not just act as a new singer, but who would also embody each aspect and process of the band. With DER SCHULZ, who was involved in the creative aspects and songwriting process of OOMPH!’s new record, the band successfully fulfilled their first lineup change in their 34 years of existence. CR4P and FLUX comment on the band’s new singer:”DER SCHULZ was always our first choice. Since we have known and appreciated each other for a long time, he was the first singer we approached. Of course, we also met with many other promising applicants in our studio and tried out the collaboration. In the end, DER SCHULZ convinced us because he manages to revive the feeling of the old OOMPH! songs and we harmonize extremely well on a human and creative level. He is a strong songwriter and lyricist and has the exact charisma, presence and character we were looking for. We had the right feeling all the way from the start!”

As mentioned above, the band is also thrilled to announce their first studio offering featuring the new lineup, Richter und Henker, which will kickstart a new era for OOMPH!. The 14th record from the legendary Neue Deutsche Härte band, who have influenced the entire genre in their time, was once again produced and recorded by the band themselves, and combines all of their beloved and established trademarks, while strongly looking forward to the future. The first single is set to be released on July 11th. On the new record, the band comments, “Working together in this new constellation has spurred our creativity in the studio to the extreme. There will be some nice musical developments and surprises on the new album, Richter und Henker, without neglecting our typical OOMPH! constants. Even our usual “test listeners” say the album sounds unmistakably like OOMPH! We can’t wait to finally present the songs to you and play them live on tour!”

Richter und Henker will be released on September 8th via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are now available here.


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