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False Fed announce debut record, Let Them Eat Fake, out on October 13th via Neurot Recordings

For those unaware, False Fed is a brand-new supergroup comprised of Jeff Janiak (Discharge), Amebix guitarist Stig C. Miller, Nausea, Ministry and Amebix drummer Roy Mayorga and JP Parsons, all stepping outside their musical comfort zones to present a record of discomfort and rage in the face of reality. “Musically, this album touched on something dark and different,” says vocalist Jeff Janiak of new group False Fed. The dirge-like beats throughout Let Them Eat Fake confirm this description – the music of False Fed is the soundtrack to the seedier undertones of society, a quiet but impatient rage at injustice everywhere with one finger pointing firmly towards the establishment. “I’ve always wanted to work with JJ’s vocals and put something melodic underneath the aggression in his voice, ever since I heard him sing,” says JP, although the record’s balanced and holistic sound occurred naturally in the end, as he continues, “The actual overall balance of it all just happened though… We just wanted to create something different.”

With tracks like the new-wave inspired “Echoes of Compromise” – whose Darren Green-directed video you can watch below this article -, the band are certainly heading towards pastures new. It’s an atmospheric kind of sound which Jeff’s brutal vocals sit atop, a perfect blending of past genres to create something new for the members of this band. The final lyric on this record is “the one thing we cannot escape is death” – a reference to the inescapable reality of the world as it has been for the last three years and longer. “My grandmother died back in America and I was unable to go to her funeral which was really horrible, so that whole period had a lot of doom and gloom for me on a personal level as I’m sure it did for most people,” says Jeff of this lyric becoming the mission statement of Let THem Eat Fake as a whole. This band provided some much needed catharsis, something which they have poured into this debut record. “I’m really grateful that we had this project to keep us all busy and take our minds off the grim reality.”

Distractions came in the form of recording, re-recording, sharing ideas and working remotely. “It was a huge learning process for all of us,” admits Jeff, “None of us have worked like that before so it was a lot of trial and error. We had to do things multiple times before we finally got it right , which was frustrating but also worth it in the end when it all came together”. JP adds, “Looking back now the advantage of this distance, for me personally, was that it forced me to grow as a musician and artist. I had to learn a lot and build trust in myself in order to keep up”. Let Them Eat Fake is a record which presents a remarkable balancing act – between the past projects of all its creators and new musical horizons, between darkness and melody, the grimness of the present day and a hope for a better future.

Let Them Eat Fake will be released on October 13th via Neurot Recordings. Physical and digital pre-orders are now available here.

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