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The Gems announce debut record, Phoenix, out on January 26th via Napalm Records

Rising from the ashes, The Gems are about to redefine the very essence of rock music with their upcoming debut record, Phoenix. With unwavering determination and raw talent, this Swedish trio hailing from Stockholm is ready to rewrite the rules and inspire a new era. Consisting of incomparable rock vocalist Guernica Mancini, powerhouse drummer Emlee Johansson and guitar and bass virtuoso Mona “Demona” Lindgren, The Gems break free from the confines of their previous band, Thundermother, uniting under a different banner and igniting a seismic shift in the rock scene. Inspired by legends such as Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden, the trio breathe new life into the genre, infusing it with raw power and untamed energy.

On Phoenix, the band comments, “Phoenix marks the beginning, the rise of The Gems. This album takes you on a journey through one of our toughest times. Through this creative process we were able to really dig deep and let go of a lot of emotional baggage, and find true happiness in music again. The new found freedom our band has been given us shines through on this album. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished, and the true Rock n Roll Sisterhood and community we’ve built through these few months of our existence. Phoenix is the perfect album for anyone going through a tough time, having the rug pulled out under you and somehow finding the strength to rebuild. You’ll get the full range of emotions, masterfully produced by our dear friend Johan Randén, who we also wrote some of the songs with. We hope people will love Phoenix and really enjoy the epic ride this album will take you on”. Accompanying the announcement of their debut record, comes also the Gustaf Sandholm Andersson-directed video for the first single, “Send Me To The Wolves”, on which the band comments, “‘Send Me to the Wolves’ is all about overcoming and fighting back, not letting bullies control the narrative. This empowering track is the perfect mix between groovy 70s rock vibes and our modern sound. It is also the first song we wrote together for THE GEMS and we love it so much!”. You can watch the video below this article.

Phoenix will be released on January 26th via Napalm Records. Pre-orders are now available here.


Photo credit: Mikael Hultén

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