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Roadburn 2020: Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell as Artists in Residence and a whole lot more announced

After the inicial announcement of three commisioned music pieces, two curators and one artist confirmation – which you can revisit in full here -, Roadburn gives us more reasons to want April to come faster. This time around we have two Artists in Residence, as good things always come in pairs, as well as the first names announced for each curation event and a few more surprises. You ready for this?

Every edition of Roadburn has an Artist in Residence who will perform multiple times across the four days of the festival, each time showcasing a different facet of their creativity and artistic career. And much like other aspects of this year’s Roadburn, the festival is mixing things up a bit and, for the first time ever, it will have not only one, but two Artists in Residence. The first is Lingua Ignota (on the photo above), the brainchild of Kristin Hayter, a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who has been making waves in the music scene since 2017. At Roadburn 2020, she will be performing four times: two of those will consist in her performing her records All Bitches Die and Caligula, this last one being a complete re-imagining of her most successful record to date. The third will be a very ominous cover set and the fourth will see her collaborate with Full of Hell, who are the second Artists in Residence. With over 30 releases to date, Full of Hell have enough material to choose from for four distinctive sets and apart from the one with Lingua Ignota, the North American grindcore band will be performing Weeping Choir in full, as well as sister album Trumpeting Ecstasy. Also on the slate is a set comprising of their early material including songs from Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home, as well as early 7” releases – and perhaps even a couple of covers thrown in for good measure.

Apart from the Artists in Residence, we got the first names for each curation event. The first artist to be confirmed as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s “The Gilded Cage” is Hide, an uncompromising electronic duo that demonstrates that heavy music doesn’t need guitars to be crushing. As for James Kent’s curated event, the first confirmations are comprised of minimalist gothic duo Boy Harsher, experimental noise rock group HEALTH and the darkwave legends She Past Away. Outside of the curated circle and joining Julie Christmas in the overall artist confirmations, we have the dark rockers DOOL, who are close to releasing their sophomore record, the psych rockers Acid Roosters and BADA, a special cinematic drone project that was created by Gothenburg-based musicians Anna von Hausswolff, David Sabel, Gianluca Grasselli, Filip Leyman and Hannes Nilsson (some of whom also perform as part of Anna von Hausswolff’s solo project), and that promises to transmit abrasive noise passages and ominous darkness. More names will be confirmed soon, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.

Roadburn 2020 takes place at 013, in Tilburg, on April 16th-19th. Tickets will go on sale on September 24th. More details will be made available in the coming weeks.

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